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  • Global Procurement from Growing to Processing
  • Audit management with regulatory compliance
  • Specializing in bulk supply chain
  • Wide range of wellness industry markets
Custom Blending Services
  • Team of Specialists creating turn-key proprietary blends
  • Extensive Savings utilizing procured raw ingredient sourcing
  • Unlimited Production Capacity
  • State-of-the-Art Certified Blending Facilities
Lab Services
  • Perform services in prompt timing (varies based on need)
  • Conduct extensive and specific testing requirements
  • Utilize a large array of equipment while serving multiple projects
Thion Global News Release

*** The Newest Breakthrough in Antioxidants ***

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Chilean Maqui

Sourcing Producers/Manufacturers Worldwide

Thion Global is actively seeking raw ingredients produced and grown from manufacturers worldwide. As new projects arise our associates take time in searching, testing and qualifying needed materials that carry impeccable quality and meet all specifications and standards set forth by the industry and our company. All manufacturers and ingredients must remain compliant to any and all standards set for by the FDA, consistent quality in every shipment, yield high production volumes and maintain competitive pricing. Manufacturers/Producers submit only ingredients that qualify.

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