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While Thion Global is devoted to its purpose and mission, it's foundation is only as strong as its people. It's team extends across the globe from those in-house and in positions of select projects. Below are a few key personnel which wanted to share in their experience with the company.

Tiffany Kiro

Tiffany Kiro, Texas A&M graduate and President of Thion Global has dedicated her life to bringing a fundamental source of wellness back to God's earth by utilizing the natural resources He has given us to live on. She stands on the principle that a finished product is only as good as its source. With her devoted service and desire to continually bring longevity to life with clean natural alternatives it ultimately leads to active and healthy lifestyles. While coming from and being mentored by lines of entrepreneurs Tiffany has understood the principle that a home is only as strong as the people who occupy it. While her background extends over a decade in the fitness, nutraceutical, and finished product fields she sees it constantly changing and that a large part of success comes from keeping up and innovating in the market.

"We are blessed to be in this industry and every day I wake with purpose. While the nutraceutical market increases over 5% yearly, I am proud to say as it grows our team grows with it. Every day we work together diligently satisfying the needs of our clients and alliances, striving to have them hold complete confidence in all we do. While I have learned values of being strong in leadership, creating a highly organized business structure and setting strong business relationships, it is important to listen to our people along with continually learning"

Cheritza Williams

Cheritza Williams, another Texas A&M and University of Texas graduate who holds a background in Animal Science along with a Pharmacy degree has been instrumental in the operation management side of the business. While managing the selection of of many farms and processors utilized within the procurement of Thion Global she states that one way this company stands head and shoulders above other companies is through their commitment of "putting all the goodness and health back into people's lifestyles while setting a precedent of high level customer service to our clients". An amazing testament to her dedication to being part of final qualification of raw material procurement is in the fact that while in her position she has not seen a product return in the last three years.

Gary White

Gary White, who is the Technical Director of Thion Global has extensive expertise in the field of raw material supplement nutrition. In addition, he has been an integral part of the setup of several quality assurance departments and standard operating procedures of large manufacturing plants. A few of his roles in Thion Global include validating raw materials with technical documentation, performing detailed audits in the growing & manufacturing processes, along with formulating & overseeing custom & proprietary blends. While a tremendous amount of time for Gary is spent in product validation, research and brand development, he states:

"Thion Global is a highly organized service oriented company meeting the procurement needs for the food service & nutraceutical industry. As Technical Director, my goals are to insure the utmost quality of Thion Global products & that Thion Global is the most trusted source in the procurement industry. The quality is a reflection of Thion Global's Questionnaire/Audit Program & comprehensive testing requirements ,which starts with raw materials from the farm/grower/manufacturer & follows through to the final processed product."

Melody Burton

Melody Burton who helps serve in operations service along with holding a role as a procurement agent, fulfills a multitude of roles vital to maintaining Thion Global's need to gather information necessary for several departments. While being a "gate keeper" for many aspects of the company, Melody firmly believes that

"Tiffany Kiro & the people at Thion Global, really care about the health & wellbeing of their employees & strive to help us all live the healthiest lives possible."

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